About the Teacher

“For another quid we could’ve had Lulu.” Eric Morecambe


  • Melissa qualified as a Pilates teacher in March 2003 after a year’s intensive training at The Place, the London Contemporary Dance School.
  • The course was accredited by the Pilates Foundation, the governing body for elite Pilates teachers in the UK. Melissa is a full member of the Pilates Foundation.


  • Pilates teachers sometimes talk about how many degrees of separation they are from Joseph Pilates.  Melissa’s Pilates teacher training course was led by three women who were taught by Alan Herdman, the man who trained with two of Joseph Pilates’ principal apprentices, Carola Trier and Bob Fitzgerald in the US.  Herdman subsequently brought the Pilates Method to the UK. With just a few degrees of separation from the founding father, Melissa teaches the Pilates Method as Joseph Pilates intended.
  • She has a Ph.D in the field of professional-client relationship management.
  • To enhance her qualifications as a Pilates teacher further, in 2014 Melissa gained two CYQ qualifications: Principles of Fitness, Health and Nutrition – Level 2 (93%); Anatomy and Physiology – Level 3 (95%).
  • Between 2005-2013, she provided Pilates tuition to individuals and businesses based in London.
  • Her practice now serves Clevedon, Bristol and the surrounding areas.
  • Existing and recent corporate clients include: A-Gas, Aviva, Barclays, BBC, Body Management, Breast Cancer Care, Clifford Chance, Citigroup, Complete Health Clinic, Computershare, DC Leisure/Places For People, Deutsche Bank, Edwards Vacuum, Friends Life, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, Nomura, Nuffield Health & Wellbeing, Ofcom, Ofgem, Ovo Energy, Rothschild, Virgin Active.
  • She is particularly experienced in working with clients who:
    • have neck, back, knee or shoulder problems;
    • have recently given birth;
    • lead busy, often stressful lives;
    • have sedentary, desk-based jobs;
    • are over 60.
  • She works in collaboration with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and other health professionals where necessary to fully address the needs of the client and ensure the treatment is compatible.

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